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Developing new Artificial Intelligence Technologies for the U.S. Military

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the character and business of warfare.  That’s why the U.S. Department of Defense is launching Tradewind – a streamlined approach to engage businesses large and small, 501(c) organizations, academia and others in the race to develop and integrate new AI capabilities.

The U.S. Military is the most advanced in the world.  To remain that way, we need to accelerate the adoption of AI-enabled capabilities – essential to strengthening our military, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations, and enhancing the security of the Nation.

Currently being developed, Tradewind will replace the current cumbersome procurement model, making the process more collaborative, research-based and effective.

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We partner with technology leaders from large and small business, academia and non-profit research, development, testing & evaluation (RDT&E) organizations to build the best possible AI capabilities for America’s Military. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to develop AI technology that will make an impact across all types of military activities: from the back office to the battlefield. Can your organization help?