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The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) will soon present a program through the Tradewind OTA to assess and acquire technical solutions relevant to its AI Accelerator project. This is a multifaceted prototyping effort to establish an integrated network infrastructure across multiple service networks, an AI-enabled “operating system” data and application platform, and the development of the specific applications on this platform required to enable the utilization of AI at the Combatant Commands (CCMD) to automate and optimize operations.

All technologies developed under these efforts will result in a government owned open architecture that allows for the rapid development of new applications and capabilities through uniform and non-proprietary API and application platform services.

The goal of the program is to find cutting edge technical solutions, develop a joint vision and statement of work for the development and rapidly enter into agreements for potential prototypes in the identified capability areas.  Agreements issued because of this multi-phased approach will be done under the other transaction authority. Awarded prototypes may include multiple phases/milestones, and the Government may enter into noncompetitive follow-on transaction agreements and production contracts because of the multi-phase competitive approach.

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