An Acquisition Business Model for AI at the DoD

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Update February 2021:

The JAIC has awarded the Other Transaction Authority (OTA) for the AI Acquisition Business Model to IN3. The organization will establish and manage a business model that enhances the ability to quickly identify, acquire and operationalize artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The model enables the DoD to acquire and procure the best AI solutions in a more efficient and effective manner. To learn more about the award, visit the JAIC website at

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What is Tradewind?

Tradewind seeks to quickly, easily, and repeatedly identify, acquire, and operationalize critical AI technologies and services from traditional and non-traditional partners.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the character of business and warfare. There is a strong need to accelerate the adoption of AI-enabled capabilities to strengthen our military, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations, and enhance the security of the Nation.  However, with current contracting mechanisms in place, DoD lacks a mechanism by which to quickly, easily, and repeatably identify, acquire, and operationalize critical AI technologies and services from traditional and non-traditional partners.

To this end, the JAIC plans to add a new acquisition approach to our acceleration strategy in the coming fiscal year: a DoD-wide AI Acquisition Business Model based off of Other Transaction Authority (OTA) named Tradewind. This OTA business model will deliver AI capabilities through meaningful market research and front-end collaboration and will facilitate optimal teaming arrangements of both traditional and non-traditional companies for AI procurement. The model places special emphasis on nontraditional companies, small businesses, and the utilization of commercial AI products and services. It will also permit the department to be agile with rapid procurements and encourage innovation by linking industry inventions to the DoD environment in more meaningful ways. Finally, this model will support the warfighter by strengthening all pillars of the DoD AI Strategy including the Department’s emphasis on the rapid, iterative delivery of AI and a generation of new operating concepts.

What is the JAIC?

The DoD JAIC (Joint AI Center) was established in 2018 to be the focal point of the DoD’s AI Strategy to accelerate scaling AI and its impact across the Department. Working closely with the Services, Combatant Commands, and other Components, JAIC identifies appropriate use cases for AI, rapidly pilots solutions, and scales impact across the DOD.

The mission of the JAIC, as specified in the DoD AI Strategy, is “to accelerate the delivery of AI-enabled capabilities, scale the Department-wide impact of AI, and synchronize DoD AI activities to expand Joint Force advantages.”


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We partner with technology leaders from commercial industry, academia, and America’s allies to build the best possible AI capabilities for America’s military. We seek AI technology that will make an impact across all types of military activities: from the back office to the battlefield. Can your organization help?

Tradewind’s Timeline

January 2021


Award 501 (c) Business Process Manager

January-February 2021


Build Tradewind Prototype

March 2021


Deploy Tradewind Prototype

April-May 2021


Refine Prototype

June 2021


Deploy Tradewind into Full Production!

Previous Events

November 2020


Award Prototype OTA to 501 (c) Business Manger

October-November 2020


Source Selection for 501 (c) Business Manager

September 2020


Sept 9-10

2020 DoD Artificial Intelligence Symposium and Exposition


Sept 25

RFIs for Trusted Ecosystem Partners and Business Process Platform

August 2020


Aug 28

RFI for 501 (C) Business Managers Release

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